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Casa Rural

La Granja 

Ciudad de origen:  
GPS location:   Latitude: 40.74696 - Length: -4.74254
Street address: Calle Lagar del Criado - 05320 Cardeñosa (Ávila)

How to arrive

From Madrid:
-AP-6 (partially with tolls) take the exit 81 to join to the Ap-51 direction N-110/Villacastín/Ávila/Segovia (tolls) (40 km to the destination)
-Keep going by the A-51.
-Take the exit 111 to join to the A-50 direction to Salamanca (10 km to the destination)
-Take the exit 4 towards AV-804/N501, in direction CARDEÑOSA (7 km to the destination)
-Without diverting from the road in the centre of the village it is Mariano Sivela Square and there at BAR LA BOLA the keys will be picked up.


The archaeological site is located in the municipality of “Las Cogotas”, one of the most important municipalities of the Iron Age in Spain, next to the river Adaja, next to the dam reservoir Cogotas. 1 km from the North of the fort, the arch of the church of an isolated village can be seen and some rock tombs. The village keeps different traditional houses with rear yard with interesting details of stonework lintels and jambs. It has been traditionally a village of granite quarry. The apse of the parish is from the XV century, setting the octagonal chapel; the rest of the temple is from the XVI century and the offered ceiling of the central nave is Moorish. Through the term 45 stone cross are distributed with Steps of the Cross from the parish to the hermitage of the Virgin of Berrocal. The village keeps a squared bullring, it is not circular. There are remains of an old Romanesque road, as well as ruined flour mills.


La Casa de los Quesos, Castro celta de las Cogotas, Castro celta de la Mesa de Miranda, Castro celta de Ulaca, Ávila, Arévalo, Madrigal de las Altas Torres y la ruta del Mudéjar y además en Arévalo la Ruta del cochinillo...etc.


Multiaventura, Paintball, Rutas a caballo, Senderismo - trekking, Tenis, Tiro con arco, Bicicleta de montaña - BTT, Escalada, Golf...etc.

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